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96 pounds on Orathin!

I haven't sent out a recent diet report because I wanted to get new before and after pictures. My friend Sandy took the pictures for me and my sister put them together.

As of today's report I am holding at 96 pounds down from where I started last May 8th. In less than a year I've taken off close to 100 pounds all without any struggle. People say to me all the time that loosing weight is hard. That used to be true for me as well until I read "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About" written by Kevin Trudeau.

Also, I owe much off my success to a product called OraThin (an hCG alternative) found at NaturalCuresStore.com. When you follow the protocols it's the hCG or OraThin that allows your body to release the stored fat and burn it as fuel. This has been an amazing and life changing venture. The diet industry says that 90% to 95% of all diets fail once you go off of them. I know I will be in that 5% to 10% success bracket. I don't look at this as a diet it's more of a lifestyle change. I don't have to buy pre-packaged foods that some other diets push.

A friend referred to The Weight Loss Cure as God's diet. My journey isn't complete in that I would love to get down to 185 pounds and I see that as a reality now.

Bob from Orange, CA*

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Hi, my name is Bob and I'm 52 years of age. I started The Weight Loss Cure protocol last May of 2007. My starting weight was 302.6 pounds and even though I was walking every day 5 or more miles I couldn't take the weight off. I've tried almost every diet, pill or powder that promised weight loss. All with little and/or no success in some cases. If I did take some weight off it would quickly come right back on and then some once I was off the diet. That all changed with the help of OraThin and The Weight Loss Cure protocols.

My first 45 days on Phase II I dropped 56 pounds with little or no hunger pains or cravings. I was shocked that I had that type of success. I then took the 45 day required break and then did Phase II for a second time and dropped an additional 31 pounds. That's a total of 87 pounds over the course of 4 1/2 months. I took a 3 month break because 60 days would of taken me into the Christmas Holidays. I'm back on Phase II for what I hope will be the final time. My goal has been to take off over 100 pounds and I'm almost there.

I finally feel like I have the cure for obesity. Even though I put some weight back on over the Holidays I easily took it back off. I tell everyone about my success and tell them about OraThin at NaturalCuresStore.

Thank you for providing an oral alternative to hCG. I have several friends who have started on The Weight Loss Cure because they saw what it did for me. I had before and after pictures taken and I recommend everyone do that.

Bob from Orange, CA*

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A Pound A Day on OraThin...

I found your site and decided to try an "alternative" for the hCG. I did Phase I as explained in Kevin Trudeau's book "The Weight Loss Cure" and began using your oral hCG alt product. I began the Phase II on Monday, May 7th. I use most of the teas suggested in the program and stick very strictly to the food intake, water consumption and drink as much teas as I want.

I have averaged a little over a POUND of loss a day...experience little to no hunger...have tremendous amounts of energy (something I haven't had for almost 2 years now!) and can now see the fat reserves on my arms and stomach beginning to shrink!

I have almost 100 lbs to loose so I will go back to the Phase I for a few weeks and then repeat the Phase II, using your products again, to get to my goal. I appreciate you addressing my concerns and contacting me personally to do so. I hope that my email will serve as a testimony to your products and encourage others to do as Kevin says and take your own health into your hands by doing some research and asking questions. The doctors definitely don't have all the answers.

A satisfied, returning customer.

Centerville, Texas*

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-Update -- Shots NOT as effective as Orathin

My name is Sondra Xxxxx and I sent the testimony to you that is one of the ones you have posted on your site. I am receiving SO many phones calls that I wondered if it would be possible to PLEASE remove my last name from the testimony so the calls slow down. I'm a little worried about my privacy but wanted to let others know that your product works. People are calling information and getting my phone number and contacting me day and night!!!

I have found a doctor who does the shots and so far the weight loss is not as good as what I had taking your supplement (OraThin), so I'm sure I will be back to begin with it again unless the daily shots improve their performance.

Centerville, Texas*

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45 Pounds in 45 Days on the HCG Diet!

I just finished my first Phase 2 protocol using the oral hCG. I was a little squeamish about starting with the shots, so I decided to try the oral hCG product first. Boy am I glad I did. I lost 45 pounds in the 45 days on phase 2 and feel absolutely great. The first few days were a little rough because I did not do the phase 1. But my hunger dissipated and the pounds started rolling off. I have to say, despite some of the controversy out there, the oral hCG that you provide really does work.

I encourage anyone who is undecided...take the plunge!

From a very happy client, soon to return.

North Carolina*

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22 Pounds in 14 Days on Oral + Teas!

I'm 48 years old and the quintessential lifelong yo-yo dieter... down 45 lbs on Atkins... 2 years later I'm up 35, and so on. I bought Trudeau's book and was excited at the prospect of putting this cycle behind me... until he mentioned getting daily injections of hCG--NO WAY. Extremely disappointed, I searched the web and found your store and oral hCG. And listen to this: I'M DOWN 22 POUNDS IN 14 DAYS!!! This stuff is great... Following the diet with NO hunger pains... no side effects... Drinking the teas... I feel great and for the 1st time since my 20's I'm looking forward to a life without a weight problem.

Norwalk, CT*

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15 Lbs, Body Resculpting & High Energy using OraThin

I'd like to add my appreciation for HCG alternative. I've presently lost 15 pounds in Phase 2. The sculpting of the body and high energy level, as well as the weight loss makes this process extra-ordinary.

Well worth the commitment.

Richard L.*

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20 Pounds in April using OraThin & Kept It Off!

My daughter started this cure in April. She was only about 20 pounds overweight. The important part is that she has kept the weight off. She is at her target and has no trouble maintaining it. I was inspired by her accomplishment, so I decided to take my extra 20 pounds off too. I have been on the cure since August 1--now it's August 23. I am very close, less than five pounds, to my goal. I am confident that I will be able to succeed in Phase III, just like my daughter. I have never been able to diet before. I really like what I eat, and I have minimal hunger. The thing that keeps me with this program is that I know it is working. I know, if I follow the rules, it does work. I love being in control of my body again. Thank you so much for giving me control of my body!!!!!!

Vero Beach, FL*

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14.6 lbs in 7 Days on

OraThin, Every Morning is Like Christmas!

I'd like to thank you for this wonderful product. I started phase 2 with orathin knowing it wouldn't work. Just like nothing ever did. But I bought it anyway with the little hope I had left. I am so happy and fortunate that I did. In my first seven days using orathin I lost 11.6 pounds. And that includes the weight that I gained during my gorge days. Not including those pounds, I lost 14.6 lbs in those same seven days. Right now I am at a loss of 16.0 lbs. and can't wait to wake up and weigh myself again. It is like Christmas every morning. I still, though, wake up every day expecting to have put on weight- just as I had with every other diet, pill, or system I tried. But, religiously I lose weight. I can't think of a time I was happier throughout the whole day. I both feel great, and have now begun to not only like the foods, but crave them. I wake up happy with my weight, spend the day with no headaches, fewer bachaches, great skin, and a desire to do it all over again the next day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will without a doubt be ordering through your company again. I'm looking forward to yet another phase two!! Thank you for an alternative to injections.

Green Bay, WI*

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8 Pounds In 8 Days with OraThin & Tea...

I have tried every weight loss known to man, but this one works. I did three weeks of Phase I and started Phase II on May 15th. I have lost 8 lbs. I was hungry for about 3 days and I drank all of the tea...I eat the food just the way it says and I walk and go to the gym 6 days a week. I am 67 years old and people tell me I look 50 or younger. Soooo, it does much much more then you even claimed.

From California*

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10 Pounds In 7 Days with OraThin...

I am on phrase 2 with the ora thin. I lost 10 pounds in one week... I am not hungry at all, which is great. I enjoy eating the foods allowed at those specific times!

Best Regards,

Durham, NC.*

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30 Pounds in Phase 1 using OraThin...

I have lost 30 lbs since March 2, doing phase one. I feel great!

Chef Mike*

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10 Pounds In Ten Days with OraThin...

...thank you so much for making this product available. I have been trying so hard to lose those last 10 annoying pounds. I started taking Orathin, but didn't obey the protocol (shame on me). But to my utter surprise, I lost 6 pounds in 5 days. I did not change my eating habits one bit. Then I took a week off (as I was traveling). When I returned I went back on Ora thin for 5 more days and lost 4 more pounds! I can't believe it! Those last 10 are supposed to be the hardest, but they came right off with zero effort on my part.

Thanks again!

Ruth S.
Jacksonville, FL*

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OraThin - 18 Pounds in Phase 1...

I have lost 18 pounds since April 4. I am not hungry - the fat loss keeps you satisfied.

Susi H.
Lodi, CA*

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9 Pounds in 7 Days on OraThin...

I am using both the oral hCG (orathin) and am also using the tea package. I don't feel hungry and after a couple times just missing eating (I'm a snacker) I've been able to do this program pretty easily. At this mornings weigh-in it is exactly 7 days and I've lost 9 lbs. That's why I re-ordered :) I just got an email that you are shipping my second order of the oral hCG today! Thanks for the fast shipping. I just ordered it last night. Yeah!

New Jersey*

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17 Pounds in Phase 1 on OraThin...

I can't believe it. I finished Phase 1 last week and I lost a total of17 lbs in 30 days. Cleansing is not so bad! The thing that surprised me is that now that I have no hunger pains even though I'm barely eating anything. My friends think I'm psychotic. More to come...

Andrew S.
Woodland, WA*

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12 Pounds in Eleven Days with OraThin & Tea...

Oh my gosh, I had to write to thank you. So far I've lost 12 pounds in 11 days. Isn't that supposed to be impossible? I'm following the diet, drinking all the recommended tea, yuk, and taking all those pills. But it is so worth it. It's coming off just like you said it would. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been telling everyone about you guys! Do I get a commission? :-)

Suzy P.
Tujunga, CA*

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10 Pounds by week two on OraThin...

I'm still in phase 1...week two and I have lost 10 lbs. It has been the easiest weight loss and I am never hungry! I can't wait to start phase 2.


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4 Pounds in Four Days with OraThin...

On Phase 1...in 4 days I have lost 4 lbs....

Mansfield, OH*

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