James Harbodin*

In 2007, I was 362lbs at my top recorded weight (I’m sure I was more at one point!).


At that point I had tried many diets and had minor successes; I dropped a few pounds but really found that although I was healthy and fit, and dieting is a way of life.

After a few months of just working out, I tried OraThin. Although the diet was hard to get used to, after a few days and convincing my mind that “it’s for the better” I was off and running.


One of the most difficult parts of the diet is making a good schedule of when and how many pills to take throughout the day. I used a spread sheet to map out all my intakes and record my weight daily. I put it on the refrigerator so that I would have a reminder that seconds is not an option. After a few weeks and a lot of pounds, I am a fitter/healthier active person.

Looking back, after five and six rounds of OraThin, I made my goals, all of them. My confidence is outstanding, my motivation to achieve more is dire and even my activity level has increased (even though I was very active before, I do more now).

Sustainability once I achieved my weight was extremely easy. I was/am to adapt a healthy eating lifestyle and just maintain a healthy weight. It gets hard over the holidays, but I can always do a shortened 21 day to get me back to where I feel I need to be to feel the best.

Since I have found this product, I have recommended it to about 50 people. My recommendation is always Read the book, “The Weight Loss Cure” twice, set your goals high and don’t let anything keep you from making the best of the one body your given.

I look forward to being a “fit” father (first baby on the way) that will grow old watching my children grow; Instead of being a growing father trying to survive/live handicapped by something I can control.

*Results may vary from individual to individual.

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