1) How can I place an order?

Order online at NaturalCuresStore.com.  If you have any questions or concerns about placing an order, please email us at cs@naturalcuresstore.com.

2) What payment methods do you accept?

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

3) How do the special sale coupons work?

To redeem a coupon, please enter your coupon code in the Discount box located on the right side of the page during checkout (between the order contents and subtotal sections). Codes are case sensitive. Then click the grey "Apply" button. If your coupon code is valid, the amount will be deducted from your total once the page refreshes. Only one promotional discount code may be used per order.

4) How can I take advantage of the couple's discount?

The Couple's Discount is only available on products with the Couple's Discount leaf icon. You can view a list of these items on the Couple's Discount page. The discounted amount varies by product. To take advantage of this discount:

  1. Click on the product.
  2. Select "Yes Couple's Discount" from the Couple's Discount drop-down box.
  3. Add the item to cart, where it will display the discounted price.

5) Is your site secure? Will my personal information be safe?

We use the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your order information secure.

We take great pride in keeping your personal information safe and secure. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts the information you send us when you place your order. The information is encrypted on your computer, sent through the Internet as jumbled code, and decoded on our secure server. It cannot be read in transit.

To ensure that your order is being placed on a Secure Socket Layer, there are several visual clues displayed by your browser.

  1. During the checkout process you will notice the "http" in your browser's URL location will change to "https".
  2. Your browser will display a closed lock in the bottom left or right corner of the window, depending on which browser you are using.

In addition, we will not divulge any information we receive from customers to anyone. We will not rent, sell or give your name, credit card information or purchase history to any other company, agency or individual.

6) How can I sign-up for your newsletter? Do you offer sales & discounts for newsletter subscribers?

To sign-up for the Natural Cures Store newsletter, please enter your email address in the Email sign-up box in the upper left corner of every page and click the green "Subscribe" button. In addition to educational and informative health articles, newsletter subscribers regularly receive sale notifications with coupon codes for significant discounts available only to our NCS Newsletter Subscribers.

7) How can I set-up an auto-ship order?

For the convenience of our customers, Natural Cures Store has set-up an auto-ship program.

Customers save Time & Money with automatic deliveries of their favorite products before they run out – hassle free!

Before setting-up your first auto-ship order, you must create an account or log in. Don't Skip This Step!

Once you are logged in, navigate to the first product you wish to add to your auto-ship order, select the radio button next to "Subscribe & Save 20%". This will reveal a drop-down menu where you can select your desired delivery frequency. Then add the item to cart. Repeat these instructions for the rest of the products you would like added to your auto-ship order. Then follow the instructions to checkout.

At whatever frequency you choose, your order will automatically be charged to the credit card you used and shipped to the address you selected. It's that simple.

NOTE: Please place auto-ship orders separately from one-time ship orders. 

8) What shipping methods do you use?

The majority of our orders, including supplements, books, magnetic & EMF products are shipped Priority Mail using the United States Post Office. Larger items, such as air & water purification products, exercise equipment and other equipment will be shipped using FedEx or UPS Ground.

9) How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges are based on weight and quantity and totals can be viewed both in the shopping cart and throughout the checkout process. We keep our shipping charges and transit times low by utilizing USPS Priority Mail, which is cheaper than UPS & FedEx on small packages and delivers anywhere in the U.S. in 2-3 business days.

10) How quickly will my order ship?

The majority of our orders, including supplements, books, magnetic & EMF products ship within 24 business hours. Larger items, such as air & water purification products, exercise equipment and other equipment may ship out of partner warehouses and may have a longer lead time which is out of our control. If you have a lead time question about a specific product, please use the “Order/Shipping Questions” option on the Contact Us page.

11) What countries do you ship to? How much does international shipping cost?

We ship to most countries worldwide. International orders may be placed right on the website.

12) How long does it take to receive a shipment?

The majority of our orders, including supplements, books, magnetic & EMF products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and take only 1-3 business days for delivery anywhere in the U.S., and 6-10 business days for delivery worldwide (actual number of days may vary based on customs delays). Larger items, such as air & water purification products, exercise equipment and other equipment may be shipped using FedEx or UPS Ground and will take 1-7 business days for delivery anywhere in the U.S., and 7-11 business days worldwide (actual number of days may vary based on customs delays).

13) How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with tracking information the day your order ships. You may also track your order on the website by logging in to your account and clicking on the TRACK YOUR ORDER link. Enter your email address and order number and click the TRACK MY ORDER button.

14) My order never arrived. I think it is lost. What do I do now?

To report a lost package, please follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions for tracking your package listed in FAQ #13.
  2. If the package does not show delivered and it has been in transit for more than 7 business days for U.S. orders and 11 days for international orders, please use the “Returns/Lost/Damaged” option on the Contact Us page to report the lost package to customer service.

If the package shows delivered, but you did not receive it, please follow these instructions:

  • Check all delivery locations - mailboxes, doors, porches, patios, garage doors, etc.
  • Ask everyone in your home to make sure they did not receive the package, and forget to tell you. You wouldn't believe how often this happens.
  • Make sure there is not a post office delivery slip in your mailbox or FedEx/UPS notice on one of your doors. Ask everyone in your home to make sure they did not receive one of these delivery notices and forget to tell you.
  • Print the tracking detail information off the shipping carrier's website and show it to your delivery carrier. Tell them you did not receive the package and ask them to help you "trace" the package.

15) Do you have a money back guarantee?

Natural Cures Store is proud to offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. To qualify for the guarantee:

  • You must submit your return request within 30 days from the original order date.
  • The item must never have been opened and must have all original product packaging materials.

16) How can I return my order?

To return your order, please log in to your account and click on the RETURN link. Enter your order number and email address and follow the prompts. If at any time during the process, you find that you cannot click the NEXT button (when it is grey), this means you have not completed all the required fields.

17) My item is damaged. How can I get a replacement?

To report a damaged item, please use the “Returns/Lost/Damaged” option on the Contact Us page to report the damaged package to customer service.

18) Why can't I return my item?

The following items may not be returned under any circumstances:

  • Opened Items
  • Used Items
  • Please Note: Returned items that appear to have been used, resealed or tampered with in any way will not be eligible for return credit and will be returned to your shipping address. Should you refuse receipt of this returned shipment, we will not be responsible for its contents.

19) How do I create an account?

Please click HERE to create a new account.

20) How do I log in to my account?

Please click HERE to log in to your account.

21) I forgot my log in and/or password. How can I get this information?

For your security, we do not send log in and password information via email. To reset your password please visit the My Account page, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link and follow the prompts. You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

22) What can I do in My Account?

Once you log in to your account, the My Account page is your central hub for managing all features of the Natural Cures Store website, including:

  • View Your Order & Return History
  • Reorder a Previous Order
  • Track Your Orders
  • Manage Your Auto-Ship Orders
  • Request a Return (RMA)
  • Update Your Address Book

23) How can I find out more information about one of your products?

Every product has multiple tabs to organize the various types of product information. Supplements, for example, have a tab for the general product Description, a tab for the Ingredients, which includes ingredients & daily nutrient values, a Dosage tab, which includes general dosage instructions, and an FAQ's tab for community questions and answers.

24) I looked under all the product tabs, but I still have a question about one of your products.

If you have a question about one of our products, you have two choices:

  • Post a question under the FAQs tab on the product page. This will allow other customers to benefit from this information in the future.


  • Send an email to customer service using the “Product Questions” option on the Contact Us page.

25) How can I post a review about one of your products?

To post a review on any of our products, please visit the product page, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Write a Review" link.

26) How can I submit a testimonial with pictures about one of your weight loss products?

To submit a weight loss testimonial with before and after pictures, please use the “Weight Loss Testimonials” option on the Contact Us page.