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Shower Filter

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Shower Filter

Your body is under constant daily assault by toxic substances.

You may be shocked to know that your body can absorb more chlorine in a 1-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water.

According to "Water: the Ultimate Cure" by Steve Meyerowitz,
"While the purity of our drinking water is of primary importance, contaminants and chlorine byproducts also enter our bodies through the skin via the water in which we bathe. Also, our lungs absorb toxic fumes from the gaseous chlorine byproducts that are released in a steamy shower. Chlorine in shower water can strip protein from our hair and skin causing dry, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and dandruff."

If you could only afford one water filtration product, there is no question in most experts minds that the shower filter is the most important product to buy.

Our shower filter uses the patented KDF copper-zinc alloy, the most effective media there is to remove chlorine in high temperature shower water. KDF's performance actually improves as the water temperature increases, in contrast to a decrease in performance by competing products.

With this technology, our filter has been shown to effectively remove 97+% of this damaging chlorine for up to 18 months - 2 to 3 times longer than other shower filters. KDF can also remove iron, sulpher and other heavy metals, and control the mold and mildew in your shower as well. In addition, the bacteriostatic filter will retard the growth of bacteria within your shower head.

This Model Features:

  • Includes Filter, Filter housing & Massage Showerhead
  • Easy installation & filter replacement.
  • Filters contains 50% more material for a longer lifetime than most filters - 12-18 months.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" L x 3.4" D
  • 5-Year Warranty

Filter should be changed once a year.

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