Colon Cleanse

Did you know that a 2005 Environmental Working Group study found over 287 industrial chemicals in newborn babies?

If babies have that many toxins in their system before they have even begun to eat and breathe on their own, imagine what you and I have?

The world we were designed to live in has drastically changed over the past 50 years. And our bodies haven't adapted quickly enough to flush out the countless man-made chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that are now present in our everyday lives.

A few days ago a friend's comment about my son's "healthy" looking lunch sparked a conversation about toxins and health. The man apathetically concluded the conversation with the statement, "I've lived 40 years on this diet and I haven't died yet. Why should I change now?"

The problem is that most people don't connect toxins to disease. If it doesn't make them vomit, choke or die, they think it's fine.

People wonder where all these modern diseases came from, diseases unheard of just 50 years ago. It's these very toxins, bombarding our everyday lives, that have been shown to be one of the root causes of these debilitating and deadly diseases.

By getting rid of these toxins, you will live a longer, disease-free life. You can reduce or eliminate numerous problems such as chronic fatigue, digestive troubles, depression, and even weight problems. Detoxifying your body can boost your immune system, clear your mind, balance your hormones, and much more.

The good news is there are steps you can take to cleanse your body. And the first place to start is in your colon.

Did you know that over 4 million Americans suffer from constipation? What defines constipation? A healthy person has between 2 and 3 bowel movements a day. Studies of native tribes found that those who ate off the wild land (lots of fiber, no toxins) had a bowel movement within 1 hour of eating, every time, like clock work. Our bowels were designed to move. Every time you eat, the food should be moving through your system.

"Right now as you read this there is an excellent chance that you have between three and fifteen pounds of undigested fecal matter stuck in your colon. Unless you are having two to three bowel movements per day, you are in fact constipated... This waste matter is highly toxic, suppressing your immune system, potentially causing gas, bloating and constipation, dramatically reducing the assimilation of nutrients, and slowing your metabolism."

-Kevin Trudeau
Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About

Americans don't consume enough water or fiber necessary to keep their bowels moving. And with all the toxins in our air, food, water, cookware, medicines and cosmetics, our fecal matter is full of toxic waste. When it can't be eliminated properly it's like a witch's brew boiling in our bodies.

Having toxins trapped in your body causes a host of problems. The first thing you need to do is get rid of all that toxic fecal matter backed up in your system. We can talk later about the lifestyle changes necessary to not only keep your bowel moving, but avoid consuming so many toxins in the first place.

Our customers have reported amazing results from just simply cleansing their colon.

Not only do they flatten their tummies, and dramatically increase their energy, other benefits include, "hair, skin and nails begin to radiate and glow with health... Energy levels can skyrocket, depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue are usually dramatically reduced or eliminated. Food cravings are reduced or vanish completely.

But not all colon cleanses are created equally.

Make sure you use a 2-step protocol. The first product provides bulking and lubricating agents to thoroughly clean out the colon. The second product replenishes all the lost nutrients and gut flora to restore balance to the colon.

We recommend our 2-Step Omni Cleanse to clean out your colon and restore balance to your gut.