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Did you know that cayenne stops bleeding instantly?

When I first heard the stories about cayenne and bleeding, I was skeptical. But years ago, when my son almost cut off his pinky finger on a sheet of glass, I became a believer. There was a steady stream of blood that stopped instantly when he dipped his finger in the cayenne. Not another drop...

A few years later while visiting friends, my husband was jumping over a creek in the woods and harpooned himself in the head with a broken tree branch. When he entered the house he looked like he had been shot in the head. He had multiple streams gushing down his face. He asked for cayenne and went to the bathroom sink. The sink was streaking with dripping blood when our friends arrived skeptically with the bottle of cayenne. He cupped the cayenne is his hand and packed it on the wound. The gushing stopped instantly (and he needed 20 stitches).

Since that time we've had numerous other experiences with this miracle herb. The ER nurses and doctors are always perplexed. They aren't taught about the healing power of herbs in med school. We're frequently asked if it stings. The answer is no. It doesn't hurt a bit.

In fact, 150 years ago cayenne was in common medical use. They even packed it in civil war wounds.

I keep a jar of ground cayenne in my medicine cabinet. You can buy it in bulk at most grocery stores.