I try to stay away from the terms "superfood" or "supernutrient," but in the case of Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC), I can't help myself.

Most people hail the weight loss benefits of this amazing nutrient, but its benefits reach far beyond mere weight loss.

Acetyl l-carnitine has been shown to:

  • Increase energy and eliminate fatigue
  • Bring your cholesterol into balance
  • Lower your triglyceride levels
  • Protect your bones and ward off osteoporosis
  • Trim your waistline and tone your muscles

In fact, over 158 clinical trials from some of the top research centers in the world attest to its extraordinary range of health benefits, including Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the University of California, Duke, and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

95% of all cells in your body rely on ALC to melt away fat.

"This amino acid helps turn fat into fuel. It promotes the increase of lean muscle tissue and helps prevent muscle tissue from being lost. It speeds the burning of fat cells and increases metabolic rate."

-Kevin Trudeau
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The problem is. . . your body can't make enough on its own. And you're losing it with each passing year.

In a groundbreaking study in Spain, scientists looked at levels of this vital nutrient in muscle tissue across a range of age groups. They found "a drastic reduction" with age.

When a team of scientists tested acetyl l-carnitine on a group of 70 men and women ages 100 years and up, the results were shocking.

  • Their bodies snapped right back into shape.
  • They shed weight and turned fat into muscle, without even exercising.
  • They felt a jolt of energy and renewed vitality.
  • They experienced an exhilarating boost in mood.
  • Their thinking went from foggy and dull to quick and razor sharp.
  • Their skin regained a youthful, vibrant glow.

ALC gave them a new lease on life. They were able to enjoy life in a way they never thought possible again.

Acetyl l-carnitine should be a critical component of your anti-aging regime.

But feeling "out of it" isn't just a problem of aging. The stress of modern life affects all of us. ALC can conquer chronic fatigue, giving you the safe, natural boost of energy you need to regain control of your life.

When Researchers at UC San Francisco did testing, what they discovered surprised them: the more acetyl l-carnitine you have in your system, the higher your levels of DHEA. DHEA is one of the most potent weapons in your body's anti-aging arsenal. It keeps your heart strong, your mind sharp, and your libido revved up. The mutually reinforcing effect between these two natural energizers means higher ALC gives you extra power for healthy living.

Acetyl l-carnitine is the utility system for your vital organs.

Your heart uses it to keep blood pumping. Your brain burns through it at lightning speed. Your liver and kidneys require it to work properly. Your sex organs thrive on it for optimum function.

But that's not all, acetyl l-carnitine delivers power to the most vital organ in your body, your heart. In human studies, the results have been remarkable. A study of people at risk for heart disease tells the story. After only one month, the ALC group saw improvements in healthy heart measures across the board, including . . .

  • Better total cholesterol, including an increase in HDL, the key to heart health
  • Lower triglycerides, the fat that clogs your arteries
  • More muscle, about 5 pounds on average
  • Less belly fat, 6 pounds on average

But unfortunately, your body is losing acetyl l-carnitine as you age. Red meat is where your great-grandparents got their acetyl l-carnitine in abundance. But unfortunately today's grain-fed beef doesn't have enough acetyl l-carnitine.

Today's inferior cattle, raised on grains instead of grasses, don't get enough of the natural compounds their bodies need to make it.

I mean who couldn't benefit from some extra energy, more muscle, less fat, lower cholesterol and a little roll back of the old aging clock?

So you need to supplement your diet with acetyl l-carnitine, but make sure its pure, no additives or fillers. I recommend a daily amount of 1000 mg.

If you can only afford to add one more supplement, after your whole food supplement, Acetyl-L-Carnitine may be the one to add. I can't think of another product with so many health benefits!