pH Balancing Cleanse

pH Balancing Cleanse

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pH Balancing Cleanse

The body is largely made up of water, a medium which is biologically useful in allowing nutrients, oxygen and biochemicals to be transported from place to place. This water-based medium can have either acid or alkaline properties which are measured by a graduated scale called pH (for "potential hydrogen"). When food is metabolized and broken down in the body, it leaves certain residues which yield either alkaline or acidic potentials of pH. These residues appear to most strongly influence body pH levels and can lead to serious health problems.

7 Dangers of an Imbalanced pH:

  • Cancer -- Cancerous cells grow well in acidic mediums. Some doctors have begun experimenting with giving patients super alkalized water to stunt cancer cell growth.
  • Heart Disease -- Like acid eating into a marble, a continually acid pH erodes and eats into cell wall membranes of the heart, arteries and veins.
  • Weight Gain -- An acid pH can directly cause immediate weight gain by causing erratic insulin production in the body. When the body is flooded with insulin, it diligently converts every calorie it can to fat.
  • Diabetes -- Before the advent of synthetic insulin, diabetes was treated by buffering the system with base or alkaline powders.
  • Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis -- An acidic body leaches calcium from the bones and teeth in a desperate attempt to balance itself.
  • Dangerous Cholesterol Levels -- The amount of cholesterol ingested has not been found to be a major factor in cholesterol plaque formation. Rather, it is because an acid pH allows the binding of cholesterol with heavy metals and other cellular debris to form plaque.
  • Premature Aging -- Acidosis is thought to contribute to age-related problems such as eyesight and memory loss, wrinkling, age spots and dysfunctional hormonal systems.

The ingredients in this pH Balancing formula have been shown to naturally:

  • Reduce acidic build-up and rebalance pH by buffering these residues and removing them from your body.
  • Promote the cleansing and repair of tissues.
  • Maintain proper insulin production.

pH Balancing Kit Includes:

  • pH Balancing Formula
  • 100 pH Test Strips
  • "pH Factor: The REAL Silent Killer" Audio CD

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